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Thread: EP Ion frame mag?

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    Question EP Ion frame mag?

    Is this possible? Only problem I see is having to drill new holes for the frame screw spacing. Then you could get a tboard, solenoid, mpa3, etc. There's definitely enough space in the frame, just need to find a way to mount the parts. Anyone know if it's possible? Done before? I did a search and all that game up was stanchy's mech ion framed mag. Any input? Thanks!

    P.S. Trying to do this with my micromag.

    I think it would be quite a neat project.

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    1) How dare you do that to a Micromag?

    2) I made a "sleeper" ION pneumag a couple years ago, it's doable, but mounting everything was a pain and the external macroline made it clear that it wasn't a real ION... I used a capped reverse classic valve and threw a 90* elbow on the gauge port. Cap'ed the top of the frame with a 10/32 screw, and cut down a ULE body to fit flush. Lots of work involved.

    If you're going to do it, get an aftermarket frame - he stock ones are are garbage and threading tends to strip out quickly and easily. You'd do well to start out with a rail and body rather than a Micromag (not just my bias against MicroMolestation here) because it will be much easier to mount everything cleanly - it will also make it easier to disassemble and maintain.

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