powertube laser weld has been cut to allow the powertube tip to be removed.
Aluminum spacer has been made to devolumize the dump chamber.
magazine has reduced tension
loctited barrel has been removed and is cocker threads just need to use a thick oring or one of ty's spacers.( barrel can't be removed with out cutting the plastic shell or taking the shell apart)

I do have a video of the marker shooting with a standard 850 psi tank and shooting under 300psi. ( I will need to know what kind of tank you want to run on this) I was having consistency issues which i believe to be as a result of the hole diameter in the spacer not being large enough. I can fix this if you plan to use a standard tank and not a fn303 tank.

only 1 magazine
No tank or mount

$650 obo
not looking for trades.