Might sell at the right price, but mostly entertaining trade offers at the moment, with particular interest for a nice pump or pistol setup, perhaps even a nice entry/mid level electro.

What we have here looks like a plain RT Mag. In fact, it is only by appearance, as this is no RT Mag.

-Polished EMag valve (wasn't too pretty before)
-Shortened on/off pin, makes it RT like a bat outta hell on a standard 800psi tank
-Warp left stainless steel body polished to a mirror shine
-Parabolic warp feed plug
-Doc's twistlock-to-cocker adapter
-Cocker-threaded 2-piece .689 barrel. An excellent candidate for Freak-boring. Back was polished to a mirror shine, tip could need a good anodizing.
-RT Pro rail with wings milled off by Luke's Customs, then anodized gloss black by the Tonsixers
-RARE Benchmark Medusa frame. This fits on Automags AND Autocokers! Chrome plating on frame shows very minor signs of dulling in some areas, see picture.
-Polyurethane coated walnut wood grips
-Clear AGD bike grip
-DP ASA and micro drop


PM offers!