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    Misc. Mag Parts

    For Sale:

    -Come as seen in pictures
    -Shipping/Handling not included

    Items -
    * Powerfeed Right Body = $20
    - Has the word 'YODA' engraved on it (not noticable unless close up, was done good with some sort of engraving tool)
    - Body looks like it was bead blasted

    * Chrome DYE single trigger frame = $TRADED

    * ANS Phase 2 Regulators (valve backs) = $20 for both or $15 each
    - Both regulators are gutted

    * Sight Rails = $40 for all, $35 for three, $27 for two, $15 ea.
    - PMI Black Shark Gill
    - Black Shark Gill
    - Black solid, long / with cut out for valve elbow
    - Gray solid

    * AGD Carbon Fiber Trigger Frames = $30 for both or $20 each BOTH SOLD!!!!!!
    - Both Have cut trigger guards and double triggers installed

    * Foregrips/Expansion Chambers/Regulators = $40 for all three remaining, $30 for two, $20 ea.
    - ViewLoader, Black, Direct mount foregrip (far left) TRADED!!!
    - Regulator, black, Screws into ASA (has a leak, so best used as a foregrip) (second from left)
    - Dark blue, Direct mount foregrip (second from right)
    - PMI 'Perfect' expansion chamber, Screws into ASA (far right)

    * Double Trigger = FREE with purchase and ask for it. GONE !!!!


    ' Critical Paintball Pro Fit Macroline Fitting 90 Degree Swivel
    ' NDZ on/off ASA with lever.
    ' Automag parts: Reactor on/off assembly bottom piece (the flat disk), Regulator Piston Assembly, Regulator Valve Spring, BooYaah ELCD trigger guard, Centerflag Hyperframe Safety, Level 10 clear bolt bumpers.

    Thanks for looking!
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