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Thread: Cherry Palmer Pyre #88 Package!

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    Cherry Palmer Pyre #88 Package!

    Cherry Palmer Pyre #88

    This is the first Pyre in "Cherry" scheme that I am aware of.
    This color scheme was special ordered prior to the introduction of the "Cherry" line and therefore it is a 1 of 1 in a brown camo hue.

    Please note that due to a recent air tank failure, I entirely screwed up the velocity and stabilizer adjustments. In doing so, the stabilizer adjustment screw has some stripping going on therefore this is being sold as-is as I have no way to test it without going to a field. Prior to this issue, this thing shot DARTS.

    This package includes:
    • "Cherry" Palmer Pyre with 1 of 1 brown hue
      Cherry Wood .45 Grips
      .690 Palmer Brass Barrel (Double Ported)
      .685 Palmer Brass Barrel (Double Ported)
      Palmer Apex Adaptor (x2) [1 not pictured]
      Apex 2 Tip
      Noxx55 Cram n' Jam [not pictured]
      Black Joyride Pack [not pictured]
      Assortment of ten round tubes with speed caps (25ish) [not pictured]
      Remember The Ronin Barrel Condom

    Price: $750 Shipped OBO, includes flat rate shipping (certified) to continental US. Will look at partial trades but must include at least $500 in cash.
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    PRICE DROP! One and only though.

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    Bumps! Buy me!

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