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    Mags(Noxious/ULE/Pump) ...

    Prices are shipped and PP(tracking/signature confirmation) via Canada Post.

    Not interested in parting and paintball related trades.

    Selling because I need a new desktop.
    Trade of interest:
    - Asus 7970(gpu)/ Asus gtx 770
    - SSD's(samsung pro/corsair neutron gtx/kingston hyperX 3k)

    1. Noxious(as pictured) = 625
    - polished black Noxious black body & rail
    - polished black venomous designs evo V1 grip(non gas thru)
    - polished black venomous designs snatch grip
    - dust black Luke's Universal Automag Vert Frame Panels (Aluminum).
    - dust black M90 frame
    - dust black cp on/off asa(pre-drilled)
    - polished black feedneck

    UPDATED: 07/13/2013

    Bought the body/rail/frame/feedneck/asa used but are in good condition.
    Snatch grip/foregrip/grip panels are brand new.

    Added pics showing dings on body and frame(updating) ....

    2. ULE mag(as pictured) = SOLD
    - dust black ULE body(warpedmephisto CF mod)
    - dust black am/mm rail(milling by Luke)
    - raw Luke's Single Mini Vert Frame(w/agd lion engraving)
    - DW cf foregrip
    - X-valve w/ult and stock on/off
    - ccm feedneck
    - dust black cp on/off asa
    ULE body and Ule rail were anodized last year. used it a few times(4-5) before I sent it for the cf mod, haven't used it since the mod. Needs a new c clip.
    I get bolt stick from time to time ... I don't have spare springs so I just adjust the thumbscrew.

    3. Pump mag(as pictured) = SOLD(@AO)
    - Rainman Kit
    - ULE body(milled by Luke)
    - ULE rail(milled by Luke)
    - 68 automag valve(needs tuning)
    - Benchmark frame w/Dye grips
    If your into aesthetics/color matching then the body and rail would need anodizing. The frame/grip are in good to very good condition.
    Valve aired up ok on my ULE, just that I don't have spare springs/wave springs and washers to tune it to a pump mag ...
    There is the usual rubbing from the ULE body on the rainman kit. I'll update the pix later tonight.

    4. Frames: Dust Black M90 = 175 .... Chrome = SOLD(@mcb)
    - M90 = 9/10
    - Chrome = 8/10

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