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Thread: Selling lots of AGD stuff (Grips, Rail, bodies, Custom milled, Longbow...)+soft goods

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    Selling lots of AGD stuff (Grips, Rail, bodies, Custom milled, Longbow...)+soft goods

    Hi all,

    I am selling some of my items I no longer need. Prices are in € and need to be paid in €. (I am located in Germany)
    Only the items listed below are currently for sale.P1060239.jpgP1060240.jpgP1060241.jpgP1060242.jpgP1060243.jpg

    1. Z-Grip Hogue Grips - 12
    3. CF grip frame with double finger trigger and wood grips- 38 (needs a new screw for the grips)
    4. Selfmade Emag transparent plexi grips - 7
    5. Minimag manual - used condition, notes on the back - 10
    7. x-mag vert feed module, raw & selfmade, needs to be finished (add detents and fit to the shape of the x-mag) - 20
    11. E-mag Front-mount steel - 5
    15. Short freak front in black, has a mark on one side - 17
    17. Vintage JT Racing strap, used condition, rare - 25
    18. Smartparts Micro Max Flow Reg , 4500 psi - 25
    19. Vintage Dye Jersey, Large, quite used, pilling on front and back - 15
    21. 4 CCM macro fittings, 90, dust red ano. Slightly used, good condition - 38 for all.
    22. Black ULE body in very good condition - 100

    Link to highres pics:

    Trades (shipped to Germany):
    RT front grip adaptor alloy
    Cocker freak back
    XMT RT body
    Offers for custom milling (need a special drop forward)

    All prices are in € and need to be paid in € through Paypal
    Shipping costs and paypal fees need to be added to the price (or send as money owed if that is possible to a german account)
    Rough shipping costs:
    Padded envelope: 4 € / 9 € incl. insurance
    small parcel: 16 € (not insured)
    Large parcel: 36 € (incl. insurance)
    I will send you an estimate for the shipping costs on request.
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    Chester nh
    Price on long bow stock and shroud?

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    How much for all the x-mag stuff? Also, apart from missing the valve does it all work?

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    @ Syko - was thinking of ~140

    @ Karavandar - it is currently not for sale, only the items listed in the first post

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    payment sent, thank you

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    ill take that classic rail off your hands, pming

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