Had a great day of playing woods / jungle ball with a group in all the rain and storms we have been getting today. Idk. Just different and sweet with the rain coming down. The new creek of water running through the middle of the playing field. And a swamp now on one side to contend with. Kinda like a real life jungle warfare feel.

In play though I came to an odd question that I do not feel fits in the tech forum. Maybe though. For years I've used a old revolution with my first gen automag rt. No problems at all. Recently I got a halo too for a good price new. So figured I'd step in to the new generation of play. Now I'm having a small issue with paint going past the nubbin and double feeding. No chopping or broken paint though. And I was just wondering if this was a normal deal with the nubbins. Nothing major to stop play. Or slow me down. Just wondering if the change in hopper is truly the difference causing this.