Hello one and, most importantly, HELLO ALL!

This is the official team thread for the AO Army. What is the AO Army? WE ARE THE AO ARMY! You reading this, the player next to you in game laying down ropes of paint or that one well placed shot and even the player on the receiving end of your shot, taking one in the mask.

The AO Army is everywhere. We take the insults of the players who think that if your paintball gun wasn't built in the last year you're behind the curve. We take the ignorance of players who don't even know what we're shooting and strive to educate them. We recruit players to our cause by spreading the word that 20 year old tech can still hold its own in speedball, can hold its own down in the dirt deep in the woods and can STILL hold back a 800 player strong charge in one of the largest scenario games hosted every year at CPX sports!

We are a team, we are a single player, and we are even laying down paint towards one another. The AO Army is everywhere!

How do you get a membership in to this awesome phenomenon?

-Be a member of AO and support your team
-Shoot an Automag under ANY of its incarnations, EVEN the FN303.. hell, someone join who is still shooting a panther, we'll let you in! (we'll even let in that blasphemous person who put a 6 pack on his Phantom)

You don't need to ask to join, we don't even have a membership list. You'll have to go out and actually talk to people, tell them you're a part of the AO Army and start building your own units.