I have two autocockers for sale in this thread. All are complete guns as far as internals, pneumatics. They need to be timed, might need hoses replaced. They will function but will take a little work. The Black Magic has been drilled for eyes by some fool who wanted to eframe it. These guns don't include asa's or barrels unless they are pictured with them.

Both for $250 or best offer

The legend needs someone that has interest in fixing it. It does not leak, cycles, eyes turn on and off. What the issue is is that I can't seem to get the board to work right or the eyes to work right with the gun. I can get it to shoot after cycling the eyes on and off. Then it won't or it will be a tempermental jerk. This gun was one that I was going to just put a pmr board in and say see ya but haven't had time. $100.00 or best offer

The model 98 is a work horse. Its in great shape and shoots awesome. It has a 14" jandj edge kit with 4 backs and one tip. It is using a spyder to m98 barrel adapter. It also has a nice shape revvy on it dual 9 volt one. The other thing is has is that nice telescoping stock. This baby shoots great. $150 or best offer

Thanks for looking

I am interested in some trades mostly mags, flatline air systems 4500 psi only, jt splatmaster stuff for my kids.

If you have anything else you want to show me or offer feel free.