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Thread: Mystery Boxes - A Variety of Tasty Flavors!

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    Mystery Boxes - A Variety of Tasty Flavors!

    Mystery Box #1: Birth of a Sport - $175

    Old school... Markers and Gear from a time when pump handles and hoppers were "upgrades". Low price, nice!

    Mystery Box #2: Make Dan Bacci Cry- $225

    Massive assortment of parts and pieces for Sheridan and Nelson based markers. Brand new, used, and "woah".

    Mystery Box #3: Softgoodies - $100

    Jerseys, pants, packs, gloves, etc. Some new and some used. XL & XXL sizes (DYE, Proto, 32*, Invert & MORE!)

    Mystery Box #4: Friends & Family Welcome - $OLD

    Rentals can get expensive. Bring your favorite three amigos to the field any time they want to come!

    Mystery Box #5: Get to the Hopper! - $OLD

    Various bulk loading devices for all needs and occasions. Conditions vary from "sweet" to "beat" - 1989 thru 2003

    All Prices Include Shipping to the Continental US.

    Looking for cash more than anything, but for giggles...

    - Zodiac ZR1
    - Toxic Toys Tribals
    - BPS Twisters
    - Tiberius T8.1
    - Tippmann TPX
    - AGD X-Valve
    - 14" Gloss Red All American Tip
    - AC Gloss Black Freak Back
    - SS Freak Inserts
    - AKA Sidewinder HPRs (medium)
    - Shocktech FGP Gloss Black LPR
    - AKA Trigger Plates
    - AKA Sears
    - Function On/Off ASA
    - SMG60 & SMG68 clips
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    Lol. Yes pics.

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