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    Automag Rifle

    I know its my first post here so I'd like to say hi to everyone. A friend directed me here and said some of you may be interested in my project. As you can see in the pictures, I have just gotten the rail milled and I am going to get the stock done next. I'm still debating if I want to get one of docs adapters yet to use a carbon fiber barrel. I wish I had the SO c-series in a/c threads but it is in a5...I do like the crown point and how it brings the size down. Im going to have to drill and tap the rail for a mounting hole, and drill another mounting hole in the stock. I'm using a smaller brass screw to fake the current mounting hole, and the second hole will be an inch to an inch and a half forward (another brass/zinc screw). Feel free to leave comments or suggestions!Name:  DSCN2831.jpg
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    P.S. sorry if the pictures are not the right size. The other forum I'm on (x7og) has a different way of posting pics.

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    Looks good! I made a mag out of an m1 carbine stock, and am pretty happy with it so far. But I have a couple issues to deal with before I take it out to play.

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    Looks pretty clean to me

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    How are you planning to operate trigger sear?

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    I like unique custom projects. Keep us informed about your progress.
    Except for the Automag in front, its usually the man behind the equipment that counts.

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    I was going to have a bar running backwards towards the rear holes. In the back there will be a block of alum. or steal with two tapped holes for the rear mounting screws. The front of the block will be forked for a trigger. The prongs will have holes drilled to mount the trigger. The bar will also mount to the trigger. Im planning for the connection to be about level with the hole in the sear. Essentially pulling the sear instead of pushing it.

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    Looking Good!

    Neat project, keep us updated please!

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