Hey guys, so I'm going out tomorrow morning, and while doing a routine check of my gear, my pneumag is leaking from the bolt. It's pretty random, since I lubed recently and had a major maintanence check-up just 2 months ago, and it wasn't leaking then when I used it. The weird thing is that the leak happens randomly *in the sense that it isn't there, and a few hours later I gas it up and its leaking* and how I "fix" it is by just sliding the lvl 10 off, and putting it back on. And then voila, the leak is gone. It started happening this morning, and I THOUGHT I fixed it by taking the valve apart and lubing it up, but I just gassed it up and it started leaking again, from inside the body. And then when I took it apart, the leak stopped. Any ideas? Sorry for the lack of reading on my end, but I'm in a bit of a bind since I leave for the field in 8 hours Thanks in advance!