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Thread: can ya tell me how much?

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    can ya tell me how much?

    I got this mag classic that i want to get rid of. it has wear and tear on it . i have to put fittings and an asa on it. It will not come with a barrel. do you think i could get 120 shipped for it once i get it running? if not how much I need funds to build a new cpu

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    Doubt it with the condition and mostly that cut trigger frame is going to hurt you

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    $60-75 ish. You may get more if you part it out, but that takes time.

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    Most fields won't let you play without a trigger guard. I bought 2 classic mags recently. Both of them were pretty good deals. One was $50 the other $80 both came with at least one barrel and only needed new seals to work. I've seen valves assemblies going for around $50-60 on ebay and bodies going for around $20-30. If you have the time, parting it out might get you more money.

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    I gotta agree with $60 - 75. Looks to be in rough shape and no barrel.

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