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Thread: Summer Sale...Ego Frame, New Triton Frame, Sleeper Rail, Etc

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    Summer Sale...Ego Frame, New Triton Frame, Sleeper Rail, Etc

    Letting go of some items I have no use for. Prices are shipped and you send payment through paypal gift. My paypal is Should you want more pics I can get what you need just shoot me your personal email. I'll shoot you straight. Even better I can send pics via text msg. My cell phone is 512-970-4099. Everything SOLD AS IS. Serious Buyers only Fellas. Post here then PM plz.

    Ego frame with modded am/mm rail to allow dust black venomous designs shorter 15* grip
    All screws included, rubber grip, NDZ ASA with mini rail with 90* elbow, Palmers micro rock and two black 90* elbows.

    SOLD...Package 2- $200.00 Xvalve with ult lvl X. Also included is opened x-valve parts kit and lvl x kit. Even throwing in a rt on/off. (I had it tuned to bounce right off my tongue. NOTE: the previous owner stuck it in the dishwasher to clean it and the black ano has faded. It looks more grey then anything. Does not affect performance.)

    Package 3- $50.00 PF right ss black minimag body, was cut for warp left. Has small scuff in the rear on the top. Also included is 8 inch SP venturi twist lock barrel very good condition and 12 inch old school dye boomstick twish lock. I believe back is ss and front is aluminum, good condition.

    SOLD...Package 4- $30.00 AGD Flatline 4500psi Adj Regulator (some cracks in the gauges) , SP Max Flow 4500psi Adj Regulator, and 650psi output Myth Regulator. All three worked in the past when I used them, they all three have been sitting in closet since.

    Package 5- $100.00 RPG Sleeper Rail Gloss Black in color. RT length not ULE milled. Looks great.

    Package 6- $20.00 Dye Chrome Single Trigger with no internals. No flaking.

    SOLD...Package 7- $50.00 Center Fire Minimag Regulator #0162 with lvl x and rt on/off

    SOLD...Package 8-200.00 NEW RPG Gloss Black Triton Frame with Viper Blade and Smoke Grips. I bought this not long ago thinking I would like it more then my chimera frames...the chimera frames won lol.

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