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Thread: Pneumag for sale/trade *New Pics* *Updated Price*

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    Pneumag for sale/trade *New Pics* *Updated Price*

    **New Pics**

    After a few months of acquiring mag parts, I have decided to sell or trade my (almost done) pneumag. The only thing I think it really needs to run right is a small amount of tuning (adjust trigger rod length, lpr, trigger stops). As it turns out, I like electros a little better.
    Parts List:
    ULE Body
    RT Pro Valve - Completely rebuilt
    LVL 10 - tuned w/ parts kit
    CCM Feedneck
    Deadly Winds Carbon Fiber Barrel
    Deadly Winds Carbon Fiber Forgrip
    Automag Classic Rail
    Luke's Argo Trigger
    Pneumag Kit
    Palmers Microrock LPR

    Have about $660 wrapped up in it... Since I have to name a number, lets say 500 takes it home. If it does not get any reasonable offers then I guess I'll just have to finish it and play with it.

    Would be willing to consider all kinds of trades for higher end guns.
    would also be willing to do 2 for one on the right deal. Have an 05' angel speed with virtue board, freak barrel, extra ram pack, and a new ish ninja 48ci 4500 psi tank i could throw in. Just teched by eastcoastangels.

    For anyone wondering, I think that this is the only pneumag for sale anywhere as I post this. And complete pneumag kits are extremely difficult to find...

    Ebay Feedback (because almost no feedback here) -

    angel speed pictures here
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Working on deal in PM..
    March 2014 Classic MotM winner - RT Classic

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