As some of you know, we will be forgoing our annual Tunaball event in 2014 in favor of trying to organize a big AO all-mags team for Living Legends 7 (May 2014??)

Although it is just under a year away, we really need to get this started as soon as possible. If we are going to go as an organized group, the logistics need to be figured out, and if we are going to play as an organized team on the field, we are going to need people to orchestrate that as well.

Some of the things to think about;
  • Lodging – where will we be sleeping? Is camping an option?
  • Jerseys/Tee shirts - We will need someone to handle this
  • Staging at the field – Where do we set up? Can we all be together? Will we have access to our vehicles or do we have to lug our gear and stage somewhere else?
  • After party – Do we want to have our own party after the game? Where? Who lives locally that can set that up?
  • Game play – Can we get 2 or 3 people to act as the AO “Commander” and Lieutenants to help make sure we move as a team?

There are probably 100 more question I can come up with and I have answers to none, so we are going to need some help.
To get this all going, I propose that we set up an EVENT COMMITTEE. I would like to get a handful of people to help out and take responsibility for a piece of organizing this. It would be ideal if we had some people who played this event already but who are also LOCAL to it and are familiar with the area.

I spoke with TK and he approved a separate sub forum for us in the Meet and Greet section where we can keep this all together.

Please post up if you would like to volunteer to help out on this. The more the merrier.