Any volunteers to do some image work?

I know you guys got some patches, but nothing is stopping us from developing some new art. I like the whole "Great AO Crusade" theme, and if we aren't going to make LL7 specific jerseys then maybe patches, a banner or stickers using it would be sweet.

We should work on the new jerseys. Lets make it a general usage AO jersey with a new design. This way, people can buy it even if they don't want to come to LL7.

Having dealt with most of the jersey manufacturers, I will insist that we use Raza. BEO-Mafia is one of the Topgun home teams and as such we get a quasi sponsorship discount thingy. Plus the service and quality there is outstanding. Jim from Topgun as a lot of pull with them also which wouldn't hurt.

I am thinking that we MIGHT be able to get some people to help reduce the price if we sold some add space on them. For example: I could kick in a few bucks towards the overall bill and in exchange get a spot with "" somewhere on the jersey. We have a few 'regulars' who we could hit up.

Is there anyone willing to volunteer their services to help develop the art for these? Let's find someone and go from there.