I just got this in trade from Bunny who got it tuned by BigEvil before I got it. I gave it a once over and found the sear lock button at the rear was stuck in safety. Don't know how that happened but I fixed it by slowly cutting the thing in half and the emag shoots without problems now. If you want to replace it, it's $7 at the AGD store: Emag Sear Lock

It has a new level 10 installed and xmod beta 1.8. My webcam pics are crap but show the missing safety button. I don't have the yellow plug.

With Bunny's permission, here are his photos. I don't think he got a chance to play with it since we made a deal before the emag build was completed. I aired it up with no leaks. Shoots fine in mechanical and electronic modes.

I'm asking $600 obo paypalled, shipped and tracked in Canada and US.

I'll look at trades but they need to come with cash as well. Some trades of interest would be Tipx, stockclass Phantom, fazmags, zetamags, I don't know surprise me. Thanks for looking all.