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Thread: Official Field story thread: (With your Automags)

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    Thumbs up Official Field story thread: (With your Automags)

    Alright guys,

    Lets hear those stories. Those stories of outings with your Automags.

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    Living legends 6 end of day 1. I want to go somewhere I havnt been so I walk down a road till I encounter... well... a tank. Then a take a right, walk through the woods until I get to a group of people standing there watching a battle at the ruins. I find out that they can't come out of cover cause of too much opposition. I call their bull and tell them to come with me to flank and walk away.

    I am thankful they followed because I instantly run into a couple horde players. I take out 2 or 3 and the guys with me take out the rest. We proceed to flank them to the point where we have whiped out the opposition and we make it to the road. I have about a dozen kills and accross the way I see someone shooting. I shoot back and take him out and my team follows with 3 more kills. Another player and I sprint accross and provide cover fire to get the rest accross and I take out another... but his armband was blue. I yell out and get a cease fire arranged so we can figure out the teams and it was all clear.

    The guys I was shooting at congradulate me cause apperently I'm a good shot lol. I get a team or so together and start down the tape line. Find some opposition and take out another 5 of them. 2 by suprise, 3 while they shot back. My team and I settle into cover and I take out another 6 as they're walking down the path into my shots as we all joke about monkeys.

    I take out 2 more and we break cover and keep moving up taking out a player here and there until we reach a WALL of opposition.

    I should mention there's a dude with is wihout a gun. He just felt like being out there and he was acting as spotter. He would be 20 feet ahead of us and call out possitions. It was working really well and he was helping all of us take out people. I was laying prone in a patch of mud grass and twigs and he was in a tree in front of me. I take out about a half dozen of them and I realise that... we are alone. They have taken out everyone but me and the gunless kid. So I keep playing HARD.

    All my pods later I've taken out another 4 or 5 of them and I'm on my last half a hopper. I've totalled over 30 kills this match and I'm tired sweating and wet. So I yell out for the hordes attention. They answer and I say that I want to negotiate a surrender. They ask what my terms are...

    "I've got some tea and cookies over here and if all of you surrender ill let You have some"


    "We're not surrendering. You all minght have us covered now but just wait"

    "You're sure? This is your last warning?"

    (The dude without a gun is laughing his ass off)

    I hear a 3... 2... 1... cound and I see about 10+ people stand up...

    Me and him look at one another and intantly throw our hands up and yell OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT.

    They finally stop shootig and I say very clearly...

    I'm out. I'm going to stand up very slowly and put my sock on. Then I'm going to walk over there and shake every one of your hands cause that was BADASS.

    they oblige and I stand up and see over 20 horde players. I shake all their hands and talk to them about how awesome the fire fight was. They complament me and say they even called backup over me and sure enough 15 more people ran down the path as we were talking. I say my goodbyes and then try and find my way back. Passing fort courage on the way BACK.

    WOOOO what a game. Dont think ill ever top it.

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    biggest pile of self absorbed crap, braggart i heard all day. i should have lit you up in staging.

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    Lol. I have witnesses. And as I said. Will probably never be able to do it again

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    First outing of the year. Friendly Fire in Upton MA. A very woodsball field. Lots of people with "tactical" setups. I've come to understand that this means having a way-to-long marker with all kinds of unnecessary, impractical, and/or downright non functional accessories. Also lots of first timers and rental players, which I generally like seeing, but they were almost all on my team, which I generally don't like seeing. I had nowhere near BT's exploits on the day but was at least an effective contributor in most games. Excerpts:

    Game 1 (goal is to escort your flag to the other teams base):
    The kid with the flag takes off down the right tapeline. Myself and 3 others (out of our team of 25) figure he might need some cover so we take off after him. We get obscenely far without meeting any resistance. Our flag man and his friend enter a fort about 7/8ths of the way to the enemy base. They are lit up and 6 bad guys promptly enter the fort. So myself and a well equipped tweenager are now way behind enemy lines with 6 baddies camping our flag. With little chance of taking the fort, and not wanting to be shot out being the only people on our team who know were our flag is, we double back and try to cut open a path for reinforcements. Then we start taking a hailstorm of fire from our own team. "Same Team! Same Team!" we shout, revealing our position and advantage to all the baddies between us. My phone rings. I back off to a good sized bunker and answer. It's my employee calling to let me know we lost power at my business (blackout in the area). I spend the rest of the game taking and making phone calls while the other kid kindly protects my position.

    Games 2&3:
    Meh. Shot some, got shot some.

    Game 4: (Bomb the fort)
    Our team must hurl a basketball into the netting on top of a fort. This is where the inexperience on my team really drove me nuts. First a kid tries to throw the bomb from the start!? Joe Montana couldn't have made that throw on the moon. So now our bomb is sitting in the center of "town" in range of enemy fire. Myself and the handful of others cut a swath up the left tape and provide cover for someone to go get the bomb. Nobody does. Instead the gather in a big wad behind a building and fire, from waay out of range, in the general direction of where they think the baddies are. The baddies move into the center and now we are cut off. After taking out a handful and loosing 2 we get sick of exchanging futile barrages with a dug in pair of baddies. I'm out of air. I leave my marker and dead sprint back to the noob wad and try to get them organized. I then run and grab the bomb. My plan is a desparate dash under cover fire to lob it in. I run up the gut, the noob wad fires and advances for about two seconds before running for cover. I spend the rest of the game stranded with no marker tucked into a V of 2'X2' pallets.

    Game 5: "Storming Normandy"
    Lots of regulars sit this out because it's a grind up a steep hill with low odds for the attackers. We get to defend. Having done this a few times I know that the attackers will most likely split in two and come up each tape line. The group I have now built a some good teamwork with moves to defend our left. I break way left. I tuck into a pallet and wait. A pod of 15 or so comes into view. Someone on my team starts shooting to soon, but it has the effect of driving the group towards me. They take a few pot shots at my bunker, I think they are just spooked. I don't react and they begin ignoring my position and keep moving towards me. My plan is to keep waiting until I have as many as possible in the kill box. Then one of them starts doing jumping jacks to mock the kids shooting at him from out of range. I pop up and unleash all the fury my Z-Gripped RT can (it's allot of fury). 6 dead. I exchange with the rest for a couple of minutes then take one in the head while reloading. Good game.

    Rest of day:
    Mixed, nothing special. Did get shot off the break in a small area game, first time that has happened in years.

    My Warped Z-Gripped RT drew tons of attention. Couldn't believe how many people don't even know what an automag is. Someone asked where my friends were to which I answered "I don't have any friends" got a few laughs. This is the 5th time I've planned to play this year and the 1st time I have, so I go whether my friends can or not. The lack of teamwork on my "team" was astounding. Lots of individual fun and success but as a group we lost almost every game, makes me want to play speedball again. A few players with Go-Pro Hero's there. I know I ran up against one of them multiple times (the guy doing jumping jacks). So I'm trolling You Tube looking for vids of myself in action.

    HA found the video: My marker makes a cameo at 4:13!
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    Noob wad. Love it. Will use it

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    Back in the early 90's I was on a 5 man pump team called the "Confederate Henchman".We played a tourney in Bastrop and swept the competition sometimes maxing out in less than 5 minutes. It was there we were recruited to play on an all Mag 10 man team called "The Flatliners" and that's when the fun began.
    I will say the memories are a bit fuzzy do to old age and waisted brain cells but I do remember one time when we were playing against a sister team of ours ( I believe it was The Houston Heat) and we agreed to kind of shoot at the refs a little bit during the first 5 minutes of the game...that was fun. There was another time when a player from a rival team got pissed off and charged a referee, the ref proceeded to body slam the player and he laid there like a %*~# until the ambulance came...ah good times.

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    Cameras, mentlegen. Cameras, cameras, cameras.

    So.... this one actually happened this weekend.

    Last game of the day, they decide to run an infinite resurrection game and count the kills by each team.

    Let's just say I claimed the majority of my team's 23 kills.

    The confirmable kills are indexed in the description.
    "Accuracy by aiming."

    Definitely not on the A-Team.

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    I was finally able to get some field time in with some friends who had been nagging me to come out and play.

    I show up to the field, and right off the bat they're asking me if I brought my Angel or Mag. I said Mag, and they all giggled like a bunch of school girls. We all proceeded to make our way to the staging area, where we crono'd our markers and waited for the next game to begin.

    It was a slow crowd, with only a average of forty or so players, so the refs split the teams accordingly.

    Game on!

    A few of my teammates took left, with me running behind giving covering fire and calling out positions.
    As I was laying covering fire, about 90% of my team stopped what they were doing to turn around and look at me... People were doing double takes left and right. People were laughing, some people expressing the awesomeness that was coming out of the end of my barrel with expletives.

    Worried about keeping up with eletros? No worries here. People were lining up behind me watching streams of paint...

    OMG!!!! Holy sh*t! What kind of gun is that? I reply, it's an Automag. Huh? Automag? What's that? I've never heard of them... lol

    All in all, the day was a blast. Lots of grins, smiles, and double takes.

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    Friendly Fire Paintball 7/21/13 (half price paint day)

    I brought only my warp fed Z-grip Mag and proceeded to shoot the (brand new) CP detent off while test firing. Forced to rent a 10 y/o Tippy. So I'm not sure if this counts as a "with your Mags" story. Normally I regard myself as a veteran player and take it on myself to make sure the newbs have a good time. This time I figured I was renting so I'm just going to play all out and have fun.

    Funny thing. Without my low profile and RoF as a crutch I got back to playing like myself. First game was 14 v 14. My buddy Coop and I played left tape with me out in front and him about 5 yards behind and to the inside. We made two quick moves off the break down to about our 40. Coop starts calling out positions like a fricken AWACS. He was dead on with every call. He gave me their clock position, distance, and if they were looking at me. If they were he put their head down. We chewed up the side. Seven kills in about 3 minutes. With the two of us taking down the entire left (and one guy I long balled over on the right) the rest of their team was easy pickings for the other 12 of us. We met the rest of our team at their back tape. Even the refs were surprised. They switched the teams up after that but Coop and I stayed together and had tons of fun and success all day.

    A couple of things I re-learned; 1) I'm a front man. I'm at my best when I'm at the tip of the sword. I may no longer have the top end speed I once did but my skills and instincts are stilled tuned to playing front. 2) Having confidence in your teammates makes you 10 times better. When Coop and I were clicking (and Nate, an original Ice Pirate who showed up later in the day) I felt like I had a top down view of the field.


    The rest of the day was awesome. No where near the blood bath of game one, but we were in the thick of it and notching multiple kills in every game. The only blotch on the day was a guy in the very last game that kept playing on no matter how many times I shot him in the head.
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