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Thread: valves,rail, long bow kit

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    valves,rail, long bow kit

    i have way to much stuff i don't want to trade just cash

    ill try and get this stuff out as soon as i can but im doing and internship and they work me like went to a fine restaurant with not a dime in my pocket.

    bring me some offers want this gone

    emag valve$120

    micromag valve sold

    xvalve $220

    am/mm rail $30

    spec ops long bow kit
    only 1 magazine
    red dot
    18in all american
    leg holster
    $285 will look at trades

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    Hey Superman

    I really need a xvalve to complete my hypermag. Any chance you'd trade for one of my other mags and/or gear? I enjoy trading with you and I'd like to work something out. Check out what I have:

    Guns and Gear for Trade

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