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    Consolidated parts.

    Some of my stuff from my other thread and added a couple of other items.

    All prices include shipping.

    Buy multiple things and I'll knock a few bucks off for shipping it all together.

    You pay first, then I ship.

    Post first, THEN PM.

    If it doesn't say SOLD or PENDING, IT IS STILL FOR SALE.

    My feedback thread:


    Pinokio Hopper. Barely used. Excellent condition. These things look BAD@$$ on warp feeds if you have a longer marker setup.

    VD 15* Foregrip. Practically brand new. SOLD

    Classic RT Rail w/ Sear and Sear Pin. Good condition.

    Endo Cradle $30 SOLD
    CP Razor Drop $20
    CP Dovetail On/Off $25

    Armson R/L PF TL $15
    Random Black R/L PF TL $15
    Nickel 8" R/L PF TL $15 SOLD

    Polymer Classic RT Grip Frame.
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