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Thread: Looking to trade splash parts

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    Looking to trade splash parts

    I have parts from 3 splash kits.The barrel plug looks very similar to barrel/grip but it actually has some purple on it.
    All of these parts are in pretty nice condition.There are some scratches but the splash hides them very well.And you
    really can only see them if you are looking for them/ it is right in front of your face. I am really looking for trades.I saw
    the matching kit for the barrel/grip on ebay last week and figured someone here may have picked it up.The trades I am looking
    for are black parts or pieces that would help me complete one of the splashes(not barrel plug).I thought of getting everything
    re annoed at end of summer but it seems like it would be in poor taste to re anno something someone may be looking for.

    Name:  magparts.jpg
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    EDIT: I did not realize how bad that picture would be.You can see a album that gives a better look at .
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