Iím listing this thread in the Dealers section as a companion to those who are taking advantage of Lukeís 3-piece T2W bracket that is currently a pre-order until 50 units are spoken for. I have 20 units of brand new Spec Ops Paintball Right handed composite Dogleg that I was able to get my hands on. In hopes of injecting life and interest into Lukeís T2W bracket pre-sale, I wanted to offer the stocks at low prices of $25 shipped for each 3-piece T2W bracket purchased through Lukeís pre-sale thread. After purchasing a 3-piece bracket from Luke, post here in the Dealers sale thread and Iíll contact you for payment and questions. My intention for the Dealers thread is not only to bring a great deal on a hard to find classic item, but to bring interest back to a great project that I hope gets off the ground through Luke's 3 - piece T2W bracket.

This is the dogleg mounted onto the T2W bracket (sold seperate through Luke's Customs) http://www.automags.org/forums/showt...Piece-Brackets