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Thread: Bigben's Big gun sale! 56K beware

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    Bigben's Big gun sale! 56K beware

    Hey, thanks for checking out my sale. I’ve got everything in here, from high end to low and some vintage guns too. I’m always up for working on the price for multiple item purchases, and trades are encouraged. I really like rare and old guns and have a collection of them that I’d like to expand.

    I prefer to ship all guns priority mail with delivery confirmation and insurance. I will make a video of all guns shooting before I ship them if requested and I've got some free time. There are no refunds on my “As is” guns. I am on fairly often, so if you message me, you’ll get a quick response.

    I've got lots of feedback here, mcarterbrown,, customcockers, and ebay. My paypal account is confirmed and verified.

    On to the guns!



    First up, my Bob Long Closer. It is pretty much stock. The screw for the feedneck collar is currently missing, but I will be ordering one from bob long and sending it to the new owner’s house. It shoots perfectly and is in very good condition with minimal wear.

    Price - $365

    This one is a Tri-Fade Texas Storm Intimidator. This is a wall hanger. The gun itself is in amazing physical condition and includes most of the original equipment like the sticker sheet, manual, advertisements, The gun itself is stock other than the CP on/off. I also just got done tuning it and it shoots ball on ball.

    Price - $260

    Next is my other Texas storm intimidator. This beauty hauls. Shoots nice and smooth and is in great physical condition. I'll include a bottomline ASA with it and a proto barrel so it comes complete and ready to rock.

    Specs are

    -Critical Trigger
    -Contract Killer grips
    -new style Bob Long regulator

    price - $235
    trades - ule mags, ego 6, mini + cash, offer

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    Time for my 2k2 Timmy. Upgraded to the max but is currently not shooting. I think there is a broken wire or maybe just a loose wire inside. There is a spare board included, but might need to buy a new wire set for it ( <$20)

    -Dye grips
    -Redz rail and on/off
    -Hybrid ram adjuster and upgraded internals
    -Upgraded trigger and LPR
    -Locking feedneck

    price - $185

    This is an 06 Infamous Intimidator, in Red/Black. Shoots ropes like the others.
    -CP reg
    -14 inch barrel

    The CP on/off is NOT included.

    Price - $290
    Trades - offer!

    Up is the Bob Long Dragon Intimidator, in Black to red fade. I kept this stored separately to keep it clean so it is in very good condition.

    -9.5/10 condition wise and performance wise 10/10
    -works perfectly
    -Bob Long assassins barrel.

    Price - $335


    First up is my 1 of 500 Threshold. This gun is in amazing condition and works perfectly. Included is

    -Threshold 1 of 500
    -CP regulator
    -Lazer eyes
    -Raps on/off

    Price - $365

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    Dangerous Power G4
    -Comes complete set of silver eye covers.
    -Very good condition
    -Comes with nearly everything it did stock
    -Works perfectly in all ways.

    Price - $200

    Dangerous Power E1. Works Perfectly. This is a great beginners gun, especially for very young ones because it is so light. A front man would like this too. Has eyes, is cheap, and shoots fast. What more is needed?

    It comes with the

    -Original box
    -Barrel condom
    -oring kit
    -Clamping feedneck

    Price - $165

    Another dangerous power E1. It works perfectly, is in great condition, and includes the stock feedneck as welll as the upgraded clamping feedneck.

    Price - $165

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    Dangerous Power G3
    -Virtue OLED board with correct grips ($100+ alone)
    -Upgraded barrel
    -RAPS asa on/off
    -Feedneck has some wear

    Price - $200


    First up is my pristine condition Teal/Purple DM13. This gun has seldom been used and is in amazing condition. It shoots perfectly and is tuned. It comes with everything it did new including.

    -Ultralite barrel
    -Parts kit
    -Allen wrenches
    -Warranty card
    -Gun case

    Price - $975
    Trades – Geo3, rare guns, old guns, guns plug cash

    Next up is a sweet custom annoed DM8. This guns is in great condition, and shoots perfectly. It is pictured without a barrel, but the matching Dye Ultralite barrel (14 inches) IS included. I must note, the anno is not perfect. IT has extremely small pitting (it is smooth to the touch it is so small) that can’t be seen unless you really examine it. The gun looks gorgeous, but better to be up front that way everyone stays happy : )/

    Price - $375

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    Gloss blue DYE DM4 in amazing conditon (physically and mechanically). Comes with

    -2 piece barrel
    -Empire mini drop
    -CP on/off
    -extra membrane pad
    -extra new grips
    -virtue lazer eyes
    -big o-ring kit

    Price - $200

    NYX matrix chrome to black fade
    -Shoots perfectly.
    -CP reg, shocktech rail and CP on/off ARE NOT INCLUDED
    -Eyes are currently non functioning

    price - $315
    trades - Sweet custom mags, rare old guns

    Dye DMC. This thing shoots great. It is a rarer DM gun, and used to be my go to back in the day (my blue one). These are smooooooooth. The right side is 8.5/10 condition, left side 7.5/10 with a nick and the rubber is softer than normal.

    -shocktech on/off and rail
    -upgraded trigger (not sure on make)
    -matching dye ultralite barrel
    -matching original feedneck
    -Dye hyper 2 regulator

    Price - $235

    Dye Matrix LED. Picked this up from a semi pro baller from backn in the day. Aired it up and right away it shot ropes. Had every upgrade it could get back then.

    Upgrades include

    -Sidewinder reg
    -Complete Image bolt kit
    -Dye aluminum barrel
    -CP drop and on/off
    -More upgrades and super fast trigger

    Again, it is in amazing condition!

    Price - $175

    Proto PM5
    -Has down the barrel leak and needs frame screws, but is otherwise complete and functional
    -Includes like new critical trigger

    Price - $80 sold as is

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    Planet Eclipse Etek 3 LT Blue/Black. This gun shoots great and is in amazing condition. Included is

    -Etek 3 LT
    -Gun case
    -Violent trigger
    -Freak barrel with insert
    -Parts kit

    I will give the buyer of this the option to add a Virtue board for $35 more, or I will part the virtue for $55.

    Price - $325

    Planet Eclipse Etek 3 LT in Black. This one is a limited edition “Marine Team” team gun and has the lazer engraving on the side. It does have some scratches on the barrel, but the body is in great condition and the gun shoots very well.

    It also has an upgraded grip on the reg.

    Price - $260

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    Planet Eclipse 2007 Ego. This ego is in very good condition. I’d say 9.5/10 other than the grips which are pretty worn. You really don’t see them in this shape any more. Included is the original case with both latches still functional, a matching cp reg, and a matching cp barrel. It works perfectly.

    Price - $325

    2005 Planet Eclipse XSV Ego. This gun is in amazing physical condition, especially for a gun it's age. This gun is a project though. It currently leaks and I haven't diagnosed which parts exactly need replacing yet. The good news is, I will be including an extra, fully functional replacement noid, so that if the noid is the problem, you wouldn't need to pay $150 for a new one. I just don't have the time to fix it at the moment. If it stays around until later this week, I'll end up fixing it and editing the thread with a higher price, but fully working.


    -NDZ on/off
    -Tadao board
    -nice grips
    -extra noid
    -NOT PICTURED: a pair a red panel grips IS included

    Price - $350 + pp fees/shipping FIRM

    06 ego package
    -Works perfectly, but needs new eyes (did not function well last time out)
    -worr grips
    -Stock grips
    -Barely used Eclipse reg
    -Killa detents (i think)
    -Critical? trigger
    -Stock barrel
    -extra lpr cover
    -Extra noid parts
    -48/3000psi tank with 2012 hydro date
    -Empire reloader B that could use a new shell, but works fine.

    Price - 325

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    Last Eclipse gun is a vintage gat, my Eclipse splash shocker. This gun hasn’t been used in several years and will need maintenance//tuning before play I’m sure (haven’t tested it yet). That being said, this gun is sold as is. It will not come ready out of the box. It comes with an 88/4500psi Maxflow tank with incorporated on/off. This tank is fully adjustable and is a great tank. The gun itself comes as pictured with the dye grips, drop forward, air assist down the feedneck, and whatever else it is pictured with.

    Price – $240


    Gloss Black Smart Parts Shocker SFT. This gun shoots perfectly. It is in great condition for it’s age, but does have some anno wear and other minimal wear as pictured.

    -14 inch barrel (All American back, freak front)
    -Smart parts mini drop and on/off
    -Functional eyes
    -Qlock feedneck

    Price - $175

    Smart Parts Shocker SFT, works perfectly and is in pretty good condition. Upgrades include

    -Freak barrel (back/front/.693 insert)
    -Dye grips
    -CP regulator
    -NDZ rail/on/off combo
    -Qlock feedneck

    price - $200

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    Next is a rare one, my Cash Money Impulse Serial #58. Shoots nicely and has all the original parts. Got two imps and only decided to keep the brand new one, so this one needs to go.

    -Very good condition and works perfectly.
    -Matching freak included
    -Flame drop and CP on/off
    -Clamping feedneck
    -All matching Cash money parts
    -Dye Sticky grips

    Trades preferred on this one. *Looking for a nice center feed classic mag, maybe a nice pump cocker for my brother.
    Cash Price - $225

    Smart Parts Ion. This is in very good condition and has an upgraded feedneck. This is an amazing gun for the price. It has eyes and can get close to 20 bps!

    Price - $85


    Invert Mini V3 bronze
    -Very good condition
    -Shoots perfectly in every way
    -Smoothest mini I've owned

    Price - $220

    Dust Black Mini V3 #1
    -8/10 condition
    -Shoots perfectly
    -All stock

    Price - $220

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    Dust Black Mini V3 upgraded 9.5/10 condition. This mini is a great shooter. One thing I need to note is, the solenoid that is in there now, while working, needs to be relubed after each day of play otherwise it doesn’t shoot right. There is a brand new Solenoid included with this package should you want to get rid of the problem.

    -Upgraded with the Relay On/off ASA ($50 upgrade)
    -Upgraded feedneck
    -Shoots perfectly
    -Parts kit/stock barrel included
    -New solenoid included

    Price - $285


    2005 Black Magic mid-block E-cocker
    -Amazing condition and works perfectly
    -CP rail and original on/off

    Price - $375


    Demonized Warped Sports Dark Angel. I apologize in advance for the horrendous picture. Will get a better one over the weekend. This gun was used for tournament back in the day, and still shoots as well as it did then. It is demonized, which means it takes 9 volt batteries and has working eyes. This gun was a tournament gun and it shows it. It has scuffs, nicks, anno wear, etc.

    Upgrades include

    -Clear volumizers
    -Dye Titanium Boomstick
    -Working eyes and 9 volt mod
    -Black mini reg and upgrade ASA

    Also included is the stock matching mini reg, the stock volumizer, the stock barrel, and some other misc parts I've got for it.

    Price - $225

    Spyder AMG
    -original case, barrel, some accessories

    price - $75

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    2004 ICD Freestyle. This is in very good condition and shoots great, but does have a leak.
    -Upgraded LPR
    -Dye ultralite barrel
    -Dye Hyper 2 regulator
    -Unimount on/off
    -Dye sticky grips
    -Carbon fiber decal stickers

    Price - $165

    Jacksonville Raiders FEP Quest. great condition and works perfectly too.

    -Ape board
    -Goldmember bolt and stock bolt
    -007 barrel
    -upgrade grips and og stock ones

    Price - $325



    Black Magic Sniper. This is a solid pump. It shoots straight and the body is in great condition.

    Price - $210

    SM-1 halblock autococker pump. IT is missing the trigger pin. I have put a wire there that works in it's place, but I'd suggest a new pin because it would look better obviously.

    -camo frame
    -st regulator
    -sm1 barrel and pump kit
    -comes as shown
    -Also comes with extras including an extra back block, feedneck, some other parts.

    price - $300

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    This 5 color anodized cocker is gorgeous. It shoot straight and isn't too bad on air. This is a custom milled/annoed pre 2k body. It works perfectly (used it at SPEW), but farts a bit, but that can be tuned out.
    -Dye Hyper 2 regulator
    -CCM rail
    -CCM on/off
    -Nice pump kit
    -Dye grips
    -Nice barrel

    Price - $350
    Trades - CCM pumps

    Shocktech Vortex Pump Cocker. It works well, but it has seen use and shows it. Please reference the pics

    -Drilled for eyes one hole plugged (not very well though)
    -Shocktech regulator
    -WGP slider frame with grips (didn't have the right screws)
    -Twist lock feedneck
    -WGP Kaner barrel
    -Drop/asa combo
    -Delrin bolt/pin combo
    -Custom pump kit

    Price - $240

    Misc Pumps

    Dye Carter buzzard in amazing Tri-fade. This works perfectly and is in amazing condition, with the only real wear by where the pump slides. Included is

    -Carter buzzard
    -Matching Stock (heck, matching EVERYTHING)
    -Matching 4oz co2 tank
    -Matching stock barrel
    -Matching Freak barrel

    Price - $450

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    Gorgeous SC pump mag project. This is nearly complete, just needs a wave spring and to be tuned.

    This has…
    -Custom SC body modified to take the pump kit and modified initially to SC
    -Rail modified for pump
    -Classic 68 valve
    -SC feed
    -Lapco vert asa
    -12 gram bucker changer (Can also just run a tank)
    -Brass twist lock barrel (I was told it is Palmer's)
    -AGD single trigger frame
    -Custom wood grips
    -Rainman pump kit
    -Flat black coat with minimal wear

    PRice - $300

    This was a custom phantom that was raffled off on MCB. It was estimated to have a $900 value at the time with the custom work that went into it. The pump kit is delrin but it got a chunk taken out of it in shipping (the chunk was lost). The pump kit is still functional. IT also comes with a mini pump kit to replace it should it ever break. It it having a problem now where it is catching seldomly when I pump it. Not sure wwhat is going on there, but yeah, beautiful custom gun, but needs work.
    -JJ edge barrel back is the barrel (.684 bore)
    -Has an awesome 12 gram changer in the grip
    -custom Delrin pump kit (has small chunk out of it, seen in pics, happened in shipping)
    -ADDITIONAL MINI PUMP KIT in perfect condition
    -Palmer's gauge
    -12 round feed

    Price $375

    Up next is my AMAZING NASTY pgp created and customized by awesome airsmith Chplnstone.
    It has
    -All custom brass work including extended barrels
    -Conversion in double barrel
    -Pewter feed plugs
    -Custom pump kits with nobs (makes for easier pumping)
    -Individual serial #

    Price - $650
    Trades: I am willing to consider trades. I like electros, custom annoed guns, mags, rare guns, brand new older stock guns, and intimidators. Other stuff, feel free to offer!

    Phantom time!

    Up next is a sweet phantom setup. This was used for tournaments but is in very good shape and comes with tone of extras including

    -4oz tank
    -1 12 gram
    -10 round tubes with extra caps
    -stock class harness
    -extra bucket changer
    -Phantom barrel condom
    -Velocity adjuster
    -some seals

    Price - $235
    Trades - at'd pump cockers

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    Black Phantom
    -mini pump kit
    -Drop out changer NOT INCLUDED (a back bottle valve will be included instead)
    -works perfectly
    -matching acrylic SC components
    -Velocity adjuster
    -Extra SC feed cap not included (went on another gun)

    Price - $175

    Black and Acrylic phantom.

    -Matching parts
    -Black bucket changer
    -Freak bored barrel with 1 insert (.693, sorry : ()

    Price - $185

    Backbottle frankenstein phantom

    -Black SC feed with clear cap
    -clear mini pump kit
    -Green stubby barrel
    -Black L stock
    -no grips included

    Price - $150


    First up is my gorgeous Euro (hi rise feed) Automag RT Classic setup. This is a seriously sweet gun. It shoots perfectly and is in very good condition. Specifications/Upgrades include

    -Euro (hi rise) body style
    -LVL 10 bolt kit installed
    -LVL 7 bolt included along with some LVL spacers/foamy
    -Twist Lock Freak back
    -Twist Lock Dye Ultralite barrel (14 inches)
    -Twist lock Smart parts Splash barrel (16 inches)
    -Stock barrel

    Price - $350

    Next up I’ve got a great condition WGP 2005 Prostock autococker. This works perfectly and is timed well. It is upgraded with a 2 piece JT barrel.

    Price - $165

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    Last for the mechs is an awesome Tippmann Tipx pistol package. This works perfectly in every way. Included is

    -Tippmann Tipx pistol
    -4 mags
    -stock barrel
    -stiffi barrel
    -Original case

    Price - $250

    Cold Fusion Autococker

    -Matching vert ASA
    -Matching back block
    -Matching feed neck
    -Matching front black
    -Matching beaver tail
    -Upgrade bolt
    -Planet Eclipse hinge frame
    -Clear anno asa and reg
    -Pneus with Palmers upgrades. These need like $10 in parts and they’ll be up and running smoothly.

    Price - $300

    Next up is my ICE EPIC DV8. Got this leaking, fixed it up, now selling it. IT is is amazing condition.

    Price - $350

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    Next up is a vey nice Custom autotocker. This is a pre-2k autococker. It is custom milled and annoed (blue to purple fade). The chrome parts don’t have any flaking, but they don’t have the same shine that new chrome does. It shoots very nicely with no problems, and I will include a pair of grips for it free.

    Price - $200

    WGP Outkast Autococker. This is in very good condition, but it does need the pneumatics completed. I will include a 3 way and some other misc pneu parts free of charge, but this is being sold as is as a project gun. Upgrades include

    -Dye swing trigger frame
    -Dye grips
    -CP 16 inch chrome barrel

    price - $150

    Automag 68 classic. Works perfectly and comes as shown minus the palmers barrel.

    price - $90

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    Tippmann 98 Custom with upgrades and extras

    -Double trigger
    -Rocket cock
    -SP progessive barrel
    -20 oz tank
    -gun bag
    -Redz harness
    -Jersey (has some stencil outline on the front)
    -A sight

    Price - 75

    Brand new, these can normally only be sold to law enforcement, so it is fairly rare to see them pop up for public sale. Brand new, they sell for $500 when available.

    This set is in amazing condition. Comes complete with the pepperball padded case, 13OZ pepperball compressed air tank, pepperball sa200 launcher, and tools and spare parts. These work perfectly. They are perfect for home security, for preppers, or even maybe to play paintball with.

    Price - $275

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    Got this Goblin Solo to have fun with and just can't get the hang of it. Comes with what is shown and it works well.

    Price - $45

    a64 by paintballpawnshop, on Flickr

    Rare Brand new Smart Parts Toxic Impulse.

    PRice - $250

    Rare WGP Flatline autococker. This gun works very well and is in great condition. I'd say 8.5/10. It comes with a bottomline setup.

    Price - $400. I'm not in a rush to sell this one. Wasn't even going to list it, but thought if someone want it for $400, I'd be game.

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    Damn sweet collection I'm interested in your pump mag pm inbound.

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    Wow... Just wow.

    Impressive collection. Good luck selling!

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    Thanks! Pm'd Lobo

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    PayPal info please, pm sent thanks!

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