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Thread: is it worth fixing

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    is it worth fixing

    bought a rt mag off ebay,,the valve is in great shape,,,The bolt is chewed up,,,needs a new sear as well,,,,prolly a new oring kit as well as a bolt spring...Upon further tearing the gun apart I noticed the bolt that is attached to the body that sits down inside of the grip frame is broke off....Thinkin that's why it is malfunctioning because the only thing holding the body to the rail is the banjo srew....So the bolt is slipping past the sear...Could jb weld fix this..

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    From what you describe, I would say no to the jb weld.

    A chewed up bolt sounds like a good reason to just put a level 10 in it.

    If the screw is the only other thing wrong then it doesn't sound beyond repair. A broken screw can be extracted if you know what you are doing.

    Is it possible for you to post some pics? Perhaps then we could give you some more specific suggestions.

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    Send it to Tuna, he will fix it.

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    you can get a new body. XMT has RT style aluminium bodies for sale.

    L10 will solve any bolt problems as well as remove any chopping.

    the body will cost you some money, but the orings and a couple of screws is nothing. saving a gun is always a worthy endeavor.

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    The screw isn't broke off its the nut that is attached to the body that came off

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    Quote Originally Posted by allns47 View Post
    The screw isn't broke off its the nut that is attached to the body that came off
    It can be soldered back on.

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    Is it a classic RT? Those PIMs break off fairly often. Luke welded one back on for me once and did a great job. Get it fixed, send it to Tuna (or me) and it will be up and running in no time.

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