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Thread: EMAG still has pressure after removing air line - RESOLVED

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    EMAG still has pressure after removing air line - RESOLVED

    Hope you EMag wizards can help. I have a Automag classic body/rail with an old Emag valve. I just aired it up and it shot fine. Removed air and could not remove the valve because the On/Off pin was sticking out and the trigger had pressure. Pulling the trigger and pushing the bolt back did not relieve any pressure. I tool off the rail and used a screwdriver to push the pin in and slide the valve back and of course the On/Off assembly popped off. I found the on/off assembly and pin but no orings that go on top of the assembly. Please help me with these two questions:

    1) Why does the pressure remain in the valve after air is removed?
    2) What belongs on top of the on/off assembly? I tried a little white Oring (from a classic valve repar kit) that fit around the top of the pin and in the circle groove in the valve but the pin did not slide enough and was not shooting properly. I have heard some mention a quad oring. I could not find a diagram of the Emag valve... just the RT and it just looks like the little white O ring.

    Thank you very much in advance!
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