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    I still dont see a perma link up top for all the articles? am I blind or just not there?

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    It isn't there yet.

    **edit** I suppose I could elaborate..

    I'm slowly working on the CMS portion of AO and will have it ready by September. The site is currently operational, but I have not published all the articles written in it yet. Take a look at my roadmap below.... Summer Update:
    Start June 06, 2013
    End Date: August 31, 2013

    Content Management System
    • CMS Reveal
    • XmagWorld Integration
    • Integration
    • AutomagsUK Integration
    • Update Historical Posts with Pictures.

    Notes: Move data/information from my sites to the CMS feature on AO. Including pictures

    Template/CSS Fixes
    • Change Ad_Banner_Location Info.
    • Quick Nav Change

    • Integrated Picture Gallery for CMS
    • iTrader Implimentation / Lock the old forum
    • Ability to change Title edits in Posts.

    Forum Management
    • WTB Forum Creation with Rules
    • Within the WTB forum, Ebay/CraigsList Find Sticky Thread

    Top Banner
    • Add new pictures to the top banner. Including retro AGD teams and players. 25+ pictures

    I'll go into more detail later, but I wanted to know what you guys thought about some of these ideas. Thanks
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    you da man bunny

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