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    Anybody ever get an item just as described? Like, ever?

    I recently placed an order for about $75 worth of books/journals - paperback novels and a few large trades. I ordered them all in "brand new" condition, most from the sellers with the highest feedback, and a handful which would ship from an Amazon Fulfillment center. My local bookstore closed, and the one a half hour away didn't have what I needed - I usually like to buy local.

    As the packages showed up one by one, I found that most of the "new" books were well used (creased spine) or destroyed (peeling binding, dogeared pages, etc). When I filed a claim, I was offered a 25% discount on each book, which still left them 90% more expensive than books listed in their actual (used/beat) condition, or a "full" refund provided I return the books on my own dime (meaning I'm out $3 per book and left with no books). Finally, I got a notice from Amazon to "leave feedback" for the order that shipped from their fulfillment center... When I told them I hadn't received the package yet, they told me UPS showed "Confirmed Delivery" a week earlier to my address and was signed for by "Matheus" (surprise... there is nobody in my home by that name, no neighbors either) so I can't even file an claim "A-Z Claim", and UPS only lets the shipper (not receiver) file one through them.

    Long story short, out of 8 "new" books ordered, 1 was in perfect/new condition, 2 were in used condition, 2 were in destroyed condition, and 3 never even arrived. Is this a reason to do a chargeback? Will Mastercard let me get away with it? WTF? I quit using eBay because of crap like this, but at least the stupid "only help the buyer" policies tend to keep you safe.

    ...anyhow as I clicked every link I could to try to find actual contact info, I found a list of every purchase I made since starting my account. I scanned the list and realized that out of some 50-odd orders over the years I'd received maybe a handful of items where they arrived in the right condition/color/model/etc.

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    I buy stuff from there all the time. Never an issue. Sorry for yours.

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    Ive bought a few books & other items without issues. Plan on getting a few more books soon if I cant find them while on vacation.

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    I have bought a lot of stuff off amazon, but I have never bought any books, I have never had a problem though. I havnt bought a actual book in a couple of years though, I have been buying all mine on amazon's kindle app. That way I can read at home on my tablet or on the go with my phone and never have to carry a book around with me.

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