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Thread: Sloppy benchmark triggers.

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    Sloppy benchmark triggers.

    What have you guys done to fix/eliminate the sloppy triggers on the benchmark trigger frames? Any tricks, tips?

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    You can shim the trigger on both sides. You can use a few different things. See if your auto supply store has brass shim stock. You will have to punch holes and cut it, but its real thin stuff. If not, you can try a small washer in there. I have used both methods.

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    Wiscoballer made a 0.010" shim for me out of macro line.

    As far as I could tell, he put it inside a brass tube, shaved it off with a razor blade, then sanded it to the right thickness. It is still in one of my frames somewhere. I had to be mean to it to get it in there, but it held up. I was surprised.

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    I remember doing something similar to What Big Evil was saying. I took a small brass washer and sanded one side of it in a figure 8 then kept checking it after a while and then tested it until it ran smooth. I only sanded the one side so the smooth side would slip against the trigger, and the rough sanded edge against the frame. Worked like a champ, no play at all.

    I will be trying the macro line next time thou for sure, sounds way easier!!!

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    I've used both shim stock and a sanded washer to shim triggers. Shim stock is much easier than sanding down a washer that is too thick.
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