So some of you might have known me for awhile or at least known that I'm a big fan of the hyperframe. I've owned close to 15 hypermags over the years and lately I have been feeling the itch. So after a few weeks stocking the forums, ebay and craigslist I have about everything I need to finish one of my mag projects. Take a look:

All that's left is to get my X-valve with ult in the mail which should be within the next few days. Now what I need help with is for someone to make some custom grips that are carbon fiber along with removing the lettering on the side of the hyperframe (my biggest pet peeve about the frame). Also I might want to get a carbon fiber trigger mad for it, but I'm waiting to hear back from a company I found online who says they can do carbon fiber work. I am talks with a guy on PBnation for a Stiffi Switch kit to help complete the carbon fiber look.

Now lets move onto my next few projects that I need some real help on. I think the pics speak for them selves:

I'm looking to find someone willing to play around with making a vert feed adapter that would screw into the micromag body and allow for angel threaded feednecks. I am not a machinist and don't know how hard this would be, but I feel that there would be a market for this. Also I would like to get those ugly waves milled off the side to help make the body more square looking. Lastly I need a different fogrip for the front. I know Luke sells some, but as you can see from my collection I'm a big fan of reverse 15* asa so if I could find a way to get a forgrip extender on there like the mag below then I would be a happy camper.

This is my next main project. This takes priority over the micromag cause I like the look of this mag a bit more. Again I'll let the pics do the talking:

So as you can see in the photo the first thing I want done is for the feedneck to be threaded for a 2k2 Timmy feedneck. The blue one I have fits perfectly and almost threads on by itself so I can only imagine this would be pretty easy. Also I want to chop down the front of the body to match a AM rail and it would be fun if it has a little curve in the body, but that's not super important. I'd love to get a snatch grip to be milled into the rail or attached in some way. That photoshop one on there is a shocker one that I'm willing to buy if there is a way to attach it. Being that the body and valve are steel and the rest is aluminum I'm thinking I'd want the whole thing powdercoated to match the already awesome reverse 15* asa made by Luke.

So what do you guys think? Am I crazy for asking all this? Aside from Luke who else could I or should I contact? I have a pretty healthy budget for all this work and it will grow the more I sell in my for sale thread:!-UPDATED!