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Thread: What did you learn this week? Paintball Edition.

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    What did you learn this week? Paintball Edition.

    So the famdamily has been gone since last Saturday which has opened up my paintball tinkering schedule considerably. Tackling a few projects this week and one of the reason I like paintball to be quite honest is the tinkering aspect of it and getting to use my noodle for something other than what I normally do. This past week was a plethora of experiences and I learned a few things. Thought I would share. (Yes I am REALLY FRIGGIN BORED)

    1. When your PneuMag is acting all and everything seems correct, check your LPR O-rings. And maybe listen to someone that told you to check them 3 months ago and 5 tanks of air ago.

    2. The large o-ring in the AGD on/off fits a WGP Tickler piston and will keep it from leaking and making your PneuMag acting all .

    3. AKA Sidewinders are not as hard to take apart as they appear. Reading the instructions sober helps determine this.

    4. The Middle section of an AKA Sidewinder is in fact aluminum and not SS despite the appearance.

    5. The clear anodizing that AKA uses on the middle section of their old Sidewinders is near nuclear proof and requires up to 2 hours of stripping to come off and in the end is just easier to file off.

    6. When you assemble an Automag and put air to it without a sear, it does very interesting things like going into full auto and ejecting the ram out of your MPA3.

    7. Before posting up a question, you should read the instructions included on the parts you are asking a question about as it will most likely be there.

    8. Nuke over on Custom Cockers is a standup guy.

    9. Never sell your last power feed plug "because I hate powerfeeds" because you never know when you will buy a MicroMag with a powerfeed and no plug comes with it.

    10. The allen head screws on a MicroMag powerfeed are an obscure size that will require you dig into your 30 year old Craftsman set sitting under your workbench to find.

    So.. it's been a busy week and I probably forgot a few things. What else have any and all of you learned this week paintball related?
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