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Thread: F/S/T Custom Automag

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    F/S/T Custom Automag

    - I will ship once I receive payment, or if there is a trade I will ship after I get a tracking number.
    - Prices do not include shipping unless an arrangement is made.
    - PayPal is the only method of payment I will accept.
    - Everything leaves my hands as described, if we trade so should yours.
    - What you see is what you get. Ask questions through PM.
    - Post in this thread and PM me with what you want, and your offer for it,
    - Do not ever ask what my lowest is. My prices are OBO so feel free to offer, but please no low balls.

    Please feel free to make an offer.

    - X-VALVE w/ ULT!!!!
    - LvL10
    - ULE Body
    - 05-07 Ego
    - GZ Timmy
    - Naughty Dog Timmy
    - Offer Up Other Suggestions

    Custom Automag

    Polished Mag w/ Standard Body, Sanded Rail, ANS Valve, Single Trigger, Reversed 15* ASA, Shocktech Gas Thru, Trinity Rail, Lever On/Off and Polished Barrel: $180 obo
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