Anyone else here ever run into issues using a HaloB with a V35 chip on a single detent Mag? I have a HBV35 that I normally use with my dual detented Mags without issue. I get the ocassional dual feed, but usually only when RTing a lot. I did remember trying to use this some time back on one of my TL bodies and having some issues with double feeding, which seems to cause it to stop working and blink at me, etc. Last night I was trying to use it on a Pnuemag that I have with a single detent, and kept getting double feeds and the blinking lights on the Halo. When I switch to my nonV35 loader I didnt have the same issues. I tried using the detent with the thinner o-ring and screwing it in tighter, but it just doesn't seem to be able to keep it from happening. Anyone else ever notice this? I did turn the HBV35 down to the lowest feed setting, but still no dice. It locks up within a short time and breaks like crazy.