In the process of testing my new Q-Loader setup last night, the piston o-ring in my Dynaflow reg decides to crumble.... and then an on/off o-ring does the same. So I pull out my still factory sealed Centerflag rebuild kit... only to find that all of the urethane o-rings have aged to the point that they crumble when I try to install them.

I found the o-ring kit on but it looks like they are using Buna-n o-rings instead of urethane.

My concern is that the buna o-rings won't hold up as well in the dynamic seal areas in the reg.

Does anyone offer a rebuild kit that includes the proper urethane o-rings?

Alternatively, does anyone have a listing of the o-ring sizes in the Dynaflow? Then I can just order the proper orings from Mcmaster.

Also, what lube should I use in this thing? I found a pbnation thread while googling, that said centerflag used white lithium grease... can someone confirm this?

I'm not sure if it makes a difference or not, but my reg is the most recent generation of Dynaflow (the one with the removable rail)