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Thread: Semi New to Mags... RT on a non-RT?

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    Question Semi New to Mags... RT on a non-RT?

    Hello all, Im semi-new to mags Ive owned a minimag in the past but did not have it for very long, in the last week I bought a Mini tac-one off ebay and as i presumed I love it and my urge to tinker with it grows daily...anywho I took it out to test fire using both C02 and HPA (3k) at mid range pressure.. and to my surprise the trigger would bounce back, i could get 8-12 shots before the classic valve would need to catch up Im just curious is this normal to have trigger bounce on what i Think is a Non-RT? Picture of said Mini-tac below Thanks -Deviant
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    Check the on/off pin length and gap between the back of the trigger and trigger rod when pressurized.

    Link will give you factory pin length. If it is shorter than specified for your particular valve, it can increase bounce.

    The gap between trigger and trigger rod should be a credit card's thickness. I believe if it's more than that, it can increase bounce.

    Check for worn sear or bolt lip.

    Did the previous owner put a ULT in it? If so, and adjusted wrong, it can cause bounce.

    There may be other factors, but I think these are first and foremost.

    Are you trying to get bounce or solve it? I try to remove bounce on my Mags. Just my preference is all.

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    I kinda like it, but at the same time I don't there is little to no control over when it happens... so im really not sure if I want to keep it this way.. but thanks for all the info greatly appreciated.

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