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    mech x-mag

    thought i would post up one of my last two guns to get done, working on the pneu z dallara now.
    video got it ready to rock for mechanical mode,
    if you wana see more close up pics let me know,

    KNM"You play stupid games, you get stupid prizes." RU

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    sweet jesus....

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    What is that anno called ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flatliner333 View Post
    What is that anno called ?
    i dont know, my ano

    dust in the front gloss in the back acid wash.

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    I hate how much I love that mag

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    oooo I saw this on caustic's FB page. The ano is just stunning.

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    its nice, i like it,
    it would be great if people would buy the remaining amount of x-mag boards to get them produced.
    my rough estimate is 6-7 need to be purchased.

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    Beautiful. I'm really glad you chose Caustic Customs to do your work. I'm sending another project his way to see him work his magic.

    Btw, don't you live in cali? Go outside and snap a few pictures of your mags out in the grass or something!!

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    but then it might get dirty

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    Beautiful! I don't know if it is good or bad "Liking" Caustic Customs on Facebook. Makes me want to get all my markers done, lol. Is there anything special to know about disassembling the CP on/off for ano? What's the secret to removing the on/off knob?

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    yeah get a the right size allen key stick the long end in, of course after taking the internals out, i rappped the knob with a folded blue shop papertowel, then used a piece of rubber backed carpet rappped that around the blue shop paper towel then i try twisting it free with a clean shop glove on my hand, if that doesnt work i take a break and repeat.

    i never use heat,

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    Thats better Almost makes me want to preorder an e-mag board......

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    i have two ordered.
    if it wasnt for the divorce, i was "considering" killing the rest of the balance on what is needed to push these into production.
    but thats out now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bunny View Post
    preorder an e-mag board......
    What? Like, a real OEM emag board?

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    yeah i just think people are withdrawn,
    to dive in.

    its a work in progress. i would buy back up boards for all my markers, and display them in my case, (that will be made some day)
    but the truth is people have been burned, the cool thing p8ntball4me is all about getting these made.

    so if that helps anyone buy one go for it, will be worth your empty or full emag lowers. oooh and there is warranty .

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    that think looks great!

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    thanks guys maybe some day ill put together a build thread for all my mags that I have finished now, minus of course e-mag boards that I need.

    things are rectic here, not much time to think of paintball, that's all I really do, havnt played since the last AO meet at jungle island.

    thankyou for the kind words guys.

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    getting some stuff together ill have to put together the build threads. for all my markers

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