Pheonix body and rail, CP on/off and drop, Intelliframe with black trigger, classic valve with black aluminum AA regulator back half, Luke's custom front grip (painted atm, raw underneath), new/never shot DW fibur barrel with full set of freak inserts, CCM feedneck. Grips and tank not included.
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Red pump milled ULE body, red pump milled rail (has some scuffs), CCM feedneck, red AA freak tip, WWA freak back (previous owner stripped anno, has a big pit, no effect on performance), set of freak inserts, red frame, red vert adapter, red bike grip, CP on/off, unknown drop, classic valve with red velocity lock ring. Grips and tank not included.
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Both are top-notch shooters. Not parting, sorry. Post then PM for pecking order. Thank you.

Pheonix $700 shipped
Red ULE $500 shipped
Both for $1030 shipped