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Thread: Old Late 80's Automag, In need of being brought back to life.

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    Old Late 80's Automag, In need of being brought back to life.

    A long time Automag fan but played mostly pump.

    I bought a real old field Automag and tried to reserect it a few years ago but to no avail.
    What I recall is that it leaked air down the barrel.

    With a limited budget I figure a old automag is far better than No Automag!

    The questions are.

    1) Why is air leaking down the barrel?
    2) How do I fix it?
    3) What to do next?

    Thank you for any help you can provide!

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    If the leak stops when you pull the trigger and hold it in you just need to replace the power tube O ring. If the gun has set for years though. Spend 20 bux on a parts kit. Put the full set of O rings in it and the new bolt spring and she will probably fire as good as new.

    Oh! And air is most likely leaking down the barrel because the oring in the power tube is wore out and letting air pass by. If your is from the 80s or early 90s it might do some good to get rid of the spring in the power tube as well and go to a spacer like on later models of automags.

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    Rebuild it with a fresh set of orings and go from there. You shouldn't have any other leaks and if you do, we can run you through them.

    And make sure you buy an actual AGD kit. Not some piece-mail kit from an oring store.

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    Blackdeath & Ando,

    Thank you for the very good advice! It comes most appreciated.

    It will be at least a week or two before I get the parts in but I will follow up.



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    Follow up.

    All the O-Rings are replaced and the spring.... But sadly it no longer shoots when I press the trigger and leaks air but slowly.

    For many years I wanted a Automag, at least one running. I tried a few years ago but could not get it working then again more receintly but no then in the last few weeks but same results.

    Automags have such an awsome reputation, they are classic but the one I have dose not have a real good reputation.

    Sentimental but a little frusterated!

    Where do I go from here???

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    Did you oil everything really well when you replaced all the orings? If not, do so.

    Turn up the velocity. Try again. This might get it to shoot and seal the leak.

    If it shoots, but still leaks do you have a small spring or a spacer within the powertube? If a spring, get a spacer kit, and follow the directions it comes with. You could also get a Level 10, but that would be 7-8 times the cost of a spacer kit, and would require some additional tuning.

    My recommendation is to get the spacer kit to make sure the thing works. Check the B/S/T forum. You may find a kit cheap there. Later you could go Level 10 if you so desire.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackdeath1k View Post
    If the leak stops when you pull the trigger and hold it in you just need to replace the power tube O ring.
    Jersey, be sure and post the results of holding the trigger down. Everyone trying to help will get a lot of info from that test (knowing whether is stops leaking or not).

    It's best to work through these things yourself (with help), but if you are actually in new jersey, there are "resources" in that area.

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    Laku, Thank you for the reply and The Tunamart Email! I did email Tunamart after the orders did not go through, but am not sure if it was that email address. The one you gave me is the next I will try.

    Spider-TW I have transplanted from North Jersey to in South Carolina. It would a privilage for me to keep you posted.

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    I ordered a power tube spacer ring and was advised that the spring in the power tube likely wore out some time ago.

    Will update in time.

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    I feel you will have a functional Mag when your parts arrive. Good luck.


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