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Thread: Place to get my gun working?

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    Unhappy Place to get my gun working?

    For the life of me I have not been able to get my gun to shoot. I don't wanna buy a Tippmann!

    I bought a brand new X-valve, and a Ninja SHP tank.

    I've tinkered and adjusted but it just won't go. I've been sitting on this thing for about 8 months and really want to get out there.

    Is there a shop I can mail it to and get it fixed up?

    I've given up trying to do this myself.

    Please help!
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    can you give more details about your mag please? are you able to post pics?

    wat is the problem your having???

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    I'll try to get some pics up tomorrow.

    The X-valve is brand new, out of the box. Going into a Tac-One.

    I've tried swapping the springs and bits around, but nothing has worked yet.

    If I recall, I got it to fire a few shots before locking up, then when I pulled the trigger nothing happened.

    Im not too savvy with this stuff honestly. And for most of the past year it's been out-of-mind. And I have forgotten a lot. I really want to get paint balling again, I got so frustrated last time I think I just need someone else to fix it who knows what's up.

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    Let's start slow, and I'm sure we can get it working, saving you some cash.

    1. Be as descriptive as possible.

    2. How much air pressure is in your tank?

    3. From what you've described so far, you may just need to turn up the velocity. Put in the gold main spring. Turn velocity up a few turns, and let us know what happens.

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    tuna or bigevil ... but where r u located?

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    had BigEvil tune my Emag and all i can say is OMFG my old Emag never shot that well(which is why i probably sold it). if you want it done right, then pay him and you will get a gun that you won't recognize, as it will shoot better than you ever thought it would. And Tuna isn't bad either. seeing the both of them take everyone's Emag & X mag at Tunaball was a an assembly line of knowledge with smiles in return.

    talk to Tuna, talk to BigEvil and get your gun running again.

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    I'm in Washington, I don't have (m)any Paintball shops local to me. The nearest is about a hour and a half away and have got Some real bad reviews. Which is part of the frustration, these forums are the best resource i can get.

    Any help you guys can offer or recommend is greatly appreciated.

    I'll try and get y'all some more details tomorrow,


    Thanks a lot.

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    Send it here and I'll hook you up. Email me
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