Well it's been a while since I've had the desire to build another project. I stumbled up Need4Reebs sale thread where he had the Stormwalk frame and Phoenix body. I always considered the frame kind of cool, but yet it looked heavy and cumbersome. Something about it caught my eye but I just wasn't pleased with how it looked. I decided I wanted to clean it up a little and looked into getting some machine work done. Heres a pic of how it was when I received, bone stock:

I only wanted to remove the extra metal near the trigger and front LPR housing area. I also considered a new set of front panels to cover the extra air input hole.

I asked around with the airsmiths online and everyone was pretty tied up with other projects so I looked locally to me for a gunsmith. I found a guy not 20 minutes from me that agreed to cut out the piece for me. He used a manual mill to get as much as he could then he resorted to a hand file. He beveled the edges like the original was and tied it together nicely. It was just a small piece to remove but to me it cleaned up the look just right. With the piece left in there it just looked like a bridge support to me. I really like how it looks opened up. I haven't gotten new panels yet as it seems they are quite a bit of work to produce a one off pair. The local gunsmith was also busy but he had the part back to me in 10 days. Heres a pic:

And of course as it goes, while waiting for the frame to be done I started looking at the body and thought about having it milled also. I wanted the windows in the back over the top of the valve cut larger to expose more of the valve. Heres a pic to show what I wanted:

I sent the pics to CS900 from PBN. He agreed to cut the windows larger and I sent him the body. Within 3 days he got back to me with a CAD drawing for approval. Once I approved he made the cuts and shipped back to me. All this took only one week. Quite impressive turnaround time with great communication and quality work. More pics:

So here's how it sits now. It still needs to be sent out for some sort of finishing. I am contemplating several different ideas. I want something out of the ordinary to compliment the milling work that was done.