What is the sear pin length supposed to be on an automagRT with a Ygrip? And where exactly do I take my caliper measurement from?

I ask this because the way my gun has been set up for the last 13 years the safety has not worked. But the gun worked flawlessly. So I never adjusted the sear. I just used the pf plug as a safety. Well this coming weekend is the WRP scenario and I decided to fix the sear proper so the safety will work and I can't get in trouble. Now I have the cc gap by the trigger. But it still hit and miss fires with the safety on. But now it has other minor firing quarks. Double fires if I feather the trigger in slowly. Sputters sometimes. Ect. I'm guessing the sear is starting to get worn out? Because the bolt looks great. And I didn't think to check the sear before I put the gun back together. Its just odd it worked perfect before I adjusted the sear that was too long.