It pains me greatly to sell my automag. But she's sat in the back of my closet for far too long and needs a new home.

What ya get:

Automag ULE Custom
Xvalve w/ Level 10 kit along with extra springs
ULT Kit already installed
AGD Blade trigger
Original 2 piece barrel
Mini drop and rando on/off
Extra single trigger frame
Extra macroline and original ASA

This is for Sale only. Asking $350 shipped you pay fees or gift -its up to you

Mechanically: 9.5/10 just because it's not brand new
Cosmetically: 9/10 there are some very light scratches on top of the xvalve as seen in the pic

I've put maybe 5 cases through it and it seriously works as well as the day I got it. Just had an airsmith break down, clean and lube up the xvalve. Perfect starter to building your own custom mag or if you feel like looking like your local field's AGD hipster. Please Post then PM

I realize I have no feedback yet on this forum but I am a regular user on pbnation. Search my username on there and you'll see I only have positive feedback