Ive been having an issue with my Tac-One that really put a stop to the fun I was having with this thing. Whenever I gas it up I can hear the x-valve pressurize but the trigger stays loose and limp. Ive tried cranking the velocity all the way up and down to see if that would help, but it didnt. I'm pretty sure this is an issue with either the on/off in the x-valve or with something wrong in the level 10 system. I just spent 8 hours familiarizing myself with the level 10, trying to rule out any issues that could have been caused by a missized carrier o-ring or too many/not enough shims, but switching them out has no effect. I'm totally stumped and in need of some direction. Taking it into a shop today to see if they can help (plus I empty tanks way too fast trying to debug this at home)

Thanks for any help yall can provide.