Here's Lufon's scratch built Evil Ehm. He made everything on it that's not AKA, and it works flawlessly. I've had it out a few times, and it flat out rips. It has very, very little kick (nowhere near an ego) and is very light. I have about 7 other markers that don't all get to see fields enough, so I thought I'd let this go to someone else who would appreciate it.

What it comes with:
Lufkon milled Evil Ehm
Virtue Ego Board
AKA Tools and Gold Cup Oil
JT Padded Case
2 Lurker Eigenbarrels in .684 and .679

Looking for $1500 shipped and insured. I'm not looking for trades, unless you feel like trading really rare high end cockers---I already have a twister, evolution, ripper, westwood, DC1, and a Ma-Duece-A II, although I'd consider a 4 scoops westwood. It would have to be in that class. Anyway, let me know if you're interested.