I know it's short notice, but there is the annual Ohio CPPA gathering at Splatterpark this weekend. It is both Saturday and Sunday with the larger group being there on Saturday. Some will be camping out on the grounds overnight, but there is also a campground not far away that I am looking into to see if it has better/nicer accomodations. Here is the FB link if anyone has questions. https://www.facebook.com/events/129172110615058/

I went last year and had a blast. Not a huge crowd, maybe 20 players or so, but they were all good people. Out of the group there were several guys runner Cockers/Snipers, one running a Palmers, my Mag and some other oldschool goodness. One guy even pulled out an SMG60 IIRC for show and tell. There was a guest speaker on Saturday and it was a nice relaxed time. I met some great people and thoroughly enjoyed myself enough that I have kept contact with several of the guys and met up with them at different events.

Anyone is welcome!