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Thread: Automag Finds Forum Ideas

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    Question Automag Finds Forum Ideas

    AO: Feel free to post up any ideas you have about this new forum. We will need to come up with a few simple rules and a way to display threads correctly.

    What do you guys think?

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    Rule #1 that I added - Do not post links to your own sale threads.

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    if its a local or craigslist post if you are willing to 3rd party ship or not is seller doesnt want to

    To leave feedback: Click seller/buyers name, Click feedback score, Click leave feedback

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    not really adding, but if anything pops up here in AZ and it close, I have no prob picking it up and shipping it to you

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    Maybe a rule/suggestion that "dibs" are a gentleman thing, and if you insist on "calling dibs" you should not be surprised if another user beats you to an item or competes with you over one, but that you're still encouraged to work with other member if items need to be shipped/traded...

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    I am so excited about this new "Topic." I am on Ebay way too often and there are always great deals that slip away from me cause I don't have the funds, but I'd love to help others find great gear. I am going to have to make this my new AO bookmark.

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