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Thread: Anyone know who owns the two acid red xmags?

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    Anyone know who owns the two acid red xmags?

    I'm on the search once again for an acid red xmag....supposedly they only made two of them.
    I located one of them a few years ago but the guy wants insane money...and that was 3 years ago...I havent been able to
    Contact him

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    Here is one of them....

    Previous owner : T.M. Duncan
    <a href=""><img src="" width="1024" height="768"></img></a>
    Click picture for hi-res

    This picture came from an old angelfire site....

    Lord1234 posted it for sale on pbnation in 2004:

    I'll try and track the other one down later today
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    Quick links I managed to find to help aide in your search... You may have very well already came across these links though...





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    Xmagterror: It seems like you have most of the leads are for XT00249. Did you ever find out anything about the second Xmag? If you have any notes/links post them up and I can try find some more bits and pieces.

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    thanks for spending the time on this. The 2nd Xmag is owned by a guy named brian and i think he is out of Indiana or Illinois....From what i remember he is the original owner and wants SFL money for it. LOL
    If i cant find one thats in great shape i may just have Arnold's anodize an xmag for me....maybe find someone to do the laser engraving.

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    I took a look at the Xmag Owner list, but I couldn't find any entries about the second acidwash X-mag. As TyeStick pointed out earlier, there are a few other "red acidwash" xmags, but they are not the same at all.

    This is what I could gather and make sense with...

    On 11-24-03 Cphilip posted on AO a for sale thread about the two Xmags.!!!-Move-quick!

    AO Members "the123" and "lord1234" (random that they both have 123 in the name... lol) bought the two X-mags for sale.

    In 04-26-03 Someone posted that "the123" was named Brian.

    In 04-12-04 lord1234 tried to sell the Xmag on pbnation for $1300. (I'm assuming he sold it within that year)

    on 02-16-2012 lord1234 tried to track down the original owner of XT00249, unfortunately no one was able to help.

    After all my research so far I really believe that whoever "T.M. Duncan" is still has XT00249 and that AO member "the123" aka Brian still owns the second Acidwash Xmag.

    I would try and hit up "the123" again. His last activity date was 07-13-2013 11:34 AM.

    Good luck with your journey. If you can't find what you are looking for, you might want to send an example of the anodizing to Stephen@CausticCustoms. He might be able to color match it.

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    Lord1234 is somewhat local to me. Although I havent talked to him since 2004? I can point someone to where you can contact him. That said Im about 90% sure he sold the gun in 2004 or 2005.

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