I decided to thin out the herd of markers after picking up my latest Demonic Cocker.

What I am selling is my Emag, chock full of Luke's milled parts and a new battery pack.

I'd call it a 9/10 for cosmetics and 10/10 for operation, now that it has a fresh battery.

Here's the breakdown.

AGD 3.2 software.

ULE mainbody
Luke's milled rail
Luke's milled trigger frame
Luke's milled trigger
Luke's milled grip panels
Luke's milled selector switch
Luke's milled battery pack
AGD black X Valve with LVL10
NEW battery pack
Freak back and matching tip

The Emag was refinished by KPCS Customs

Original grips, trigger, selector switch

Looking at $500 shipped

Will consider trades in my favor for Paintball or 1/8 scale nitro R/C. But CASH IS KING!!