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The 350-375 psi for a Level 7 and 500-550 psi for a Level 10 are average chamber pressures required to reach typical field velocities. Athomas goes on to state what the inputs should be for each bolt system to maintain good flow. So your external reg needs to regulate to the numbers above depending on bolt system, and the pressure supplied to your external reg needs to be higher. The numbers athomas gave are based on the integral valve regulator, so the input to your choice of external reg may be different based on its flow rate.

Even with these seemingly high numbers, the ball only sees around 80psi, I believe, by the time all the firing sequence actions take place.

Thanks for clearing that up. That's actually quite surprising. My Nitro Duck X-Stream should work just fine then (in theory). It's flow rate is high enough to not starve any of my RT's and it is externally adjustable.